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(Un)Lock It: the Percussive People in the Go-Go Pocket
by Thomas Sayers Ellis

Opening Reception August 5, 2011 from 6-8pm
Exhibition Dates August 5 - October 7

Go-Go is a non-stop, vernacular dance music unique to Washington, D.C. and the Pocket is the percussive conversation between or beneath Go-Go grooves and songs. This photography project takes its title from a term ”Lock It” used by the Go-Go community to describe a perfectly played (or locked) Go-Go Pocket. The goal of the Pocket is Home Rule and its anthem is “Bustin’ Loose,” Chuck Brown’s classic call for ‘The Bridge.” In a city as Capital as Washington, this work is a percussive attempt to reclaim the pictorial power of photography for D.C residents, the folk who (as Walt Whitman once wrote) “do the real living and dying in this land.”

The Gallery at Vivid Solutions
2208 Martin Luther King Jr Ave SE
Washington DC 20020



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